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Microsoft Excel Training Course In Ludhiana

Microsoft Excel Training course is  program which is excellent option for those who want to pursue a career in Accounting. Kalyan Educational Institute Provides best services –  Microsoft Excel Training Course in Ludhiana.  We have introduced this course in such a way that will be beneficial for both categories one who want to learn Excel from Basic  and  for those other excel users too who want to take this skill to the advance level. Microsoft Excel Training course is most demanding course among students, professional & businessman. Microsoft Excel is a marketable skill for many potential jobs. Having a good hold on it and its varied applications by using various functions like Macros, Pivot Tables, etc. Learn Microsoft Excel Training course from experienced & Expert faculties who provide in depth knowledge.

Modules For Microsoft Excel Course In Ludhiana

Module 01 : Beginners Microsoft Excel

  • Introduction to sheets
  • Excel menus and tool-bars
  • Entering and editing data & text
  • Saving workbooks
  • Formatting worksheets
  • Adjusting columns & rows
  • Inserting and deleting columns & rows
  • Selecting & formatting data
  • Copy and pasting data & text
  • Using Auto Sum for quick calculations
  • How to build formulas to perform calculations
  • Introduction to the basic Excel functions
  • Using basic charts to display data visually
  • Printing Excel spreadsheets
  • Managing large workbooks with Freeze Panes

Module 02: Intermediate Microsoft Excel

  • Linking data between worksheets & workbooks
  • Protecting workbooks, worksheets & individual cells
  • Embedding spreadsheets in Word & Power Point documents Using the Date and Time functions
  • Highlighting data with Conditional Formatting
  • Understanding Conditional Logic: Using IF statements
  • Finding data records using the V Lookup function
  • Data validation: creating drop-down lists
  • Sorting information using Pivot Tables
  • Viewing data trends with Flowcharts
  • Working with Named Ranges to speed data updates
  • Nesting functions using IF, AND, OR
  • Making errors easier to understand using IFERROR