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Quickbooks Course In Ludhiana

Kalyan Educational Institute  is a professional coaching institute and is
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Quick Books Course in Ludhiana

QuickBooks is slowly, steadily moving forward toward being the best financial Software that can be on market. It can be accessed from any type of market. It can be accessed from any type of modern device, which makes the life of business owners much easier. QuickBooks is the leading software in terms of safety and adaptation to new technologies.

Modules For Quick Books Course

Module 01 : Starting Quick Books Pro Accounting

A. Opening Quick Books Pro Accounting
B. Identifying parts of the screen
C. . Identifying menus and toolbars

Module 02 : Setting up Quick Books

A. Identifying sections
B. Navigating in Quick Books
C. Using Easy Step interview

D. Entering the information
E. Backup the information

Module 03: Lists

A. Editing the chart of accounts
B. Working with customer list
C. Working with employee list
D. Working with vendor list
E. Adding custom fields
F. Managing lists
G. Printing lists

Module 4 : Working with Customers

A. Invoice
B. Sales Receipt
C. Sales forms
D. A/R Register
E. Memorizing sales
F. Entering a new service item
G. Recording customer payment
H. Making deposits

Module 5 : Customizing forms

A. Creating a new template
B. Designing a custom layout for an invoice form
C. Using Quick Books letter

Module 6 : Working with Vendors

A. Accounts payable
B. Enter bills
C. Pay bills
D. Write checks

Module 7 : Bank accounts

A. Entering checks directly
B. Bank account register
C. Entering a handwritten check
D. Transferring money between accounts
E. Reconciling checking accounts

Module 8 : Other accounts

A. Tracking credit card transactions
B. Asset accounts
C. Liability accounts

Module 9 : Analyzing financial data

A. Creating Quick Reports
B. Preset Reports
C. Exporting to excel
D. Creating Quick Insight graphs

Module 10 : Sales tax

A. Setting up tax rates and agencies
B. Grouping single tax together
C. Identifying most common tax
D. Indicating who and what gets taxed
E. Applying tax to each sale
F. Determining what you owe
G. Paying tax agencies

Module 11 : Payroll

A. Setting up payroll
B. Adding payroll items
C. Setting up employee payroll information
D. Writing payroll checks E. Tracking tax liabilities
E. Payroll taxes

F. Printing 940 and 941 forms

Module 12: Estimating and progress invoicing

A. Creating jobs and estimates
B. Creating an invoice form an estimate
C. Projects reports for estimates
D. Updating job status

Module 13: An Introduction to UK GAAP

A. Recording transactions and events using double-entry and accounting systems
B. Preparing a trial balance
C. Preparing basic financial statements (Format Applicable)

Module 14: Applicable Accounting Standards in UK GAAP

A) Lists of Accounting Standards in UK GAAP
B) Punching Data Entry in Quick Books as per UK GAAP

Module 15: Basic Introduction under US GAAP

Why To Join Kalyan Educational Institute For Quick Books Course in Ludhiana

Kalyan Educational Institute is a Educational Institute offers specialized courses to prepare students for various accounting Professional Exams. Kalyan Educational Institute also offers various Global Professional Accounting courses for Abroad Going students. Over the years, our experience and expertise has enabled us to design various training programs in Accounting. According to the latest demand Our careeroriented training programmes make our students industry-ready with availability of both short-term and long-term courses

Job Opportunities After Learning QuickBooks

  • Accounting Executive 
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Accounting Consultant


Quick Books Pro Accounting is one of the most popular accounting programs used in the business community. This course will enable students to efficiently use this application.

Required Material:

None Tow assignments with Practical Examples will be discussed in Class. Also, Material will be provided by the Institute

Type of Course:

Short Course (1 Month)